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About TrueMana

Mana is the sacred word in Hawai’ian culture for spiritual life force energy that permeates the universe, akin to ‘prana’ in Sanskrit and ‘ki’ in Chinese philosophy.

TrueMana is a knowledge and teaching platform guiding people towards greater consciousness, purpose and  freedom in their lives.

TrueMana was created from a place of deep gratitude, humility and excitement about the knowledge, creativity and abundance its founder, Rishi Khubchandani, was fortunate to encounter and experience when he moved to Hawai’i in 1994. For more than 25 years Rishi has nurtured the seeds of Mana that were sown in him and has invested in learning, applying and sharing practices in energy, creation and manifestation.

As the first of its kind platform in Africa, TrueMana will offer people the opportunity to explore new, cutting-edge knowledge, tools and practices around mind, body, spirit and work. 

We hope to empower people and communities across Africa to gain more control and freedom in their lives by giving them access to knowledge, workshops, events, practitioners and experts in the personal development space.

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TrueMana Founder
Energy Coach and Human Potentialist

Rishi Khubchandani

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