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Insieme 1992 - Italy 1990 - Eurovision Songs With Live Orchestra ((FULL))

With Insieme 1992, Italy obtained its second Eurovision victory. The song is about bringing the nations of Europe together; insieme, in Italian! 1992 refers to the year in which the EU was set to be inaugurated. The song won Eurovision 1990, which was hosted in Zagreb, Yugoslavia. Ethnic conflicts, wars of independence, and insurgencies greatly impacted the region between 1991 and 2001, but we're relieved that there is now peace, and that Slovenia and Croatia are now EU members. The hope for peace and solidarity illustrated in Toto Cutugno's song led the way to the EU project, and the Greens remain committed to doing the work to truly unite Europe.

Insieme 1992 - Italy 1990 - Eurovision songs with live orchestra

The pandemic doesn't feature in many songs, but the emotions expressed in the tracks reflect collective feelings as vaccine drives pick up speed across the continent. The music that the contestants have chosen is noticeably more upbeat and featured themes of unity, celebration, love and family. In one of the most wholesome and funky performances of Eurovision, Iceland's contestant Daði og Gagnamagnið chose a song about the lead singer's wife, 10 Years. In Technicolor, Montaigne admits that she wants to be 'closer to the world'. The song expresses a sentiment much reflected not only by today's youth but also most Europe's citizens whose lives have been affected by the pandemic: "I want to know that there's a future that I can move towards", she sings. In Amnesia, ROXEN tells the audience that they're 'not alone'; a message that reminds us of the importance of mental health as COVID-19 waves continue to rock the continent. The message is also reflected in VICTORIA's Growing Up Is Getting Old as she sings 'know that you're worth saving'. Eden's cry for liberation in Set Me Free makes us want to jam with her into a post-pandemic Europe.

The rules are simple: songs can only run three minutes or less and must be original; artists must be 16 years or older (younger musicians can participate in the annual Junior Eurovision Song Contest) and there can only be a maximum number of six people on stage, including backing vocalists and dancers. All vocals, including background singing, must be live, while music is on tracks (from 1956-1998 music was played by a live orchestra).

1990 was the year in which the contest was held in Zagreb, Yugoslavia. Communism fell in Europe, and many of the songs reflected the wider political context. It was Italy's Toto Cutugno who won the contest however, his song Insieme: 1992 which was about a united Europe. 041b061a72


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