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Nurse practitioners, advanced practice nurses (including licensed practical nurses and nurse midwives), social workers, psychologists, and other licensed professionals who have completed an approved continuing education program on delegation of health care are certified to perform delegated tasks.

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225.10 (13) A nurse may determine appropriate delegations of care to unlicensed personnel that will not require the delegation of nursing care that the nurse is licensed to perform under Chapter 225, RN Delegation to Unlicensed Personnel and Tasks not Requiring Delegation in Independent Living Environments for Clients with Stable and Predictable Conditions, with restrictions relating to delegation of life-sustaining medications and treatments that require the use of special procedures or equipment. The nurse must not delegate nursing care activities or tasks that require the use of special procedures or equipment that are defined as a nursing skill by the National League for Nursing Code of Ethics.

Nursing is generally considered a vocation and is not limited to RNs, and it is not within the scope of nursing practice for RNs to begin working outside of the nursing practice setting as registered nurse (Rn) or practical nurse (PN) assistants. RNs, PN's, and LPNs cannot work as home health agencies (HHEA) unless they meet the requirements of 207.1 or 207.11. The most important point is that RNs and PN's must earn separate certifications, unlike LPNs who are considered RNs and are unlicensed, and therefore RN certification cannot be obtained simultaneously through the HHA and LPN program. However, since RNs work on a daily basis and provide care not necessarily exclusively through nursing, they are trained on a variety of subjects beyond the scope of nursing practice. RNs may provide self-care instruction to clients, such as a child learning how to take oral medications, provide oral hygiene instructions, or teach a child how to use a wheelchair. They may train on self-care and do check-ups on the clients themselves.


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