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the game was of course extremely annoying in many levels. i remember most of them were kind of frustrating. for example, you have to run around the buildings and kill the evil henchman/cop. you also have to climb on the stairs. if you failed, you have to come down on the other side of the building. if you happened to miss it, you have to start over!

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during my gameplay, i was shooting the criminals on the street, which was quite easy. i also was able to catch and shoot the cops. i spent some time on the subway, and i noticed that the game was kind of slow on this level. the music was pretty good, which was an original beat in the game. it was pretty epic!

i really think this is a good game, which has the feeling of a past era of the gaming. the graphics are good. many people were criticizing that the controls are a bit weird, but i love how they are. this is how i like it.

i could not completely finish the game. the story was very enjoyable and the ending was absolutely awesome. i would have loved to see more stories. this game would fit perfectly with many new features like exploding boxes and trick level like half-life 1.

max payne 2 was the second game to release on the playstation 3, and the second to be released on pc. max payne 2 has many different special effects and graphics. if you have a good computer it will look and feel very nice. gameplay is nearly identical to the first and is still among the best in the shooter genre. here are some of the reasons you might want to own max payne 2.

max payne 2 pc game for windows - description : max payne 2 is the official sequel to the legendary max payne, a cop in an era of violence and chaos. max payne 2 takes place nine months after the events in max payne. following his injury, payne became a vigilante, fighting the city's criminals. having become accustomed to the work, payne has found himself pulling his punches, often going months without killing. max payne 2 follows payne and the survivors of the columbine high massacre as they search for those responsible for the death of their friends and loved ones. the story involves conspiracy theories, money and murder. max payne 2 is a third-person shooter. you play the role of max payne, a renegade cop.


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