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Joshua Gomez
Joshua Gomez

FBackup 8.0.122 Multilingual Free PORTABLE Download

I am in complete agreement with the last two posts. In fact, they provide an very truthful picture of what one has to deal with when installing and using KMPLayer. I, too, have been using the KMPlayer for a long period of time: its persistent error messages, perennial instability manifesting itself as freezes or regularly occurring total system lock-ups were slowly eroding my patience with this program. Basically, I ended up using it as the last resort -- and always prepared for some trouble.I installed today the most recent version in hope that the system lockups -- which for me is a critically important isuue -- have been corrected in th enewest version. Instead, as has been witnessed by so many others, I was stung with this swindle, ...and new, irrelevant error message right after the fresh install.Like antigin, my predecessor in this thread, I am always very careful with installers, unchecking anything that smells like spyware/crapware, and exactly like in his case, the Ask,com bar, search engine, home page all were surreptitiously installed/changed, both in Explorer and Firefox. Disgusting... And I agree: this is what we call a swindle.I give 2 stars SOLELY for the fact that the KMPlayer can play most video formats and has an extensive subtitles support.I thank the gentleman who mentioned that he had switched to MPC-HC. It has been a long time since I used Media Player Classic. I downloaded and installed MPC-HC after reading his post here, and having tested it extensively I can say that MPC-HC seems to be perfectly capable with all the video formats I checked, doesn't seem to suffer when the media file path has Unicode characters, and handles several subtitle formats as well. I'll be using now MPC-HC.

FBackup 8.0.122 Multilingual Free Download

THe Ask toolbar installation is purely optional.This version also includes a new skin that's much better than the old one, and also is fully multilingual (in the past, you often had to manually download the English language file separately).

Great, free player.I recommend also having Zoomplayer and VLC at least.KMPlayer needs to install and use an autoupdate feature. I appreciate the updates, but downloading, extracting, and copying the folder gets a little old.


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