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Robert Loginov
Robert Loginov

House Flipper (2018) For Windows Without Human Verification

Many remodeling jobs are done without building permits, even when they should have been pulled. In the past, it was not required that building permits be pulled for as many things as they are now. In my area, in the past, you did not need a building permit to finish a basement, especially if you were occupying the house. If you finished the basement long enough ago, you did not need to have an egress window to have a legal bedroom in the basement either. If I buy a house now that has a bedroom in the basement without an egress window, it could be grandfathered in as a legal bedroom because the work could have been done before egress windows were required. Some investors can get away with doing work that needs a permit without getting one by saying the work was done prior to them owning the house.

House Flipper (2018) For Windows Without Human Verification



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