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Where To Buy Inexpensive Sheets

Cotton is by far the most popular option for sheets, with many different weaves available. The most popular types of cotton weaves for sheets are usually crisp percale, silky sateen, or soft jersey cotton, which is often blended with poly fibers for a soft and stretchy feel. Flannel sheets are also made from cotton with a napped (fuzzy) finish on one or both sides for an extra cozy feel. Rayon sheets are growing in popularity and are made with cellulose derived from plants, such as eucalyptus or bamboo. Linen sheets are made from flax and have a lightweight, airy feel that's perfect for hot sleepers. Microfiber sheets are generally made from synthetic fibers such as polyester, or they can often be a blend of polyester and cotton.

where to buy inexpensive sheets


January is the best month to buy bed sheets as many retailers offer deeply discounted merchandise after the holiday season. The beginning of the year is typically associated with renewal and change which makes it a perfect time to replenish the linen closet.

At, we personally test every sheet set featured in our product reviews and guides. Our hands-on approach allows us to evaluate sheets using different performance factors, and provide our readers with accurate, data-based recommendations.

The sheets are composed of Egyptian cotton, a long-staple cotton variety that promotes longevity. The sateen weave gives them a soft hand-feel. The sheets are light and breathable, while the drape from the sateen weave insulates during colder weather. Five neutral color options are available, including white, beige, and navy blue.

The Sweet Zzz Organic Bamboo Sheets feature a 400 thread count sateen weave construction for a soft and silky feel. The sheets are made of GOTS-certified organic viscose derived from bamboo, which is sourced using sustainable practices.

The sheets perform well when it comes to temperature regulation, as bamboo naturally wicks away excess heat and moisture. The sheets are also suitable for cooler seasons, since the bamboo drapes closely to the body.

The set is available in the six standard mattress sizes plus a split king option. Sweet Zzz offers five versatile color swatches, and the sheets can comfortably fit mattresses between 6 and 14 inches tall.

Sweet Zzz Organic Bamboo Sheets include a 50-night sleep trial. The sheets can be returned during this period for a full refund as long as they are in clean and undamaged condition. Sweet Zzz provides free shipping to the contiguous U.S. and a lifetime warranty for the sheet set. The warranty covers manufacturing flaws, and eligible customers receive a full replacement.

Some sheets excel at either cooling or heat retention, but the Nolah Bamboo Sheet Set offers the best of both worlds. The bamboo-derived fabric has natural temperature-regulating properties to keep you from getting overly hot or cold at night.

The sheets have a soft feel and are composed of 100% viscose from bamboo, which is known for its natural breathability. The fabric feels cool and silky to the touch, while the sateen weave allows the sheets to drape closely to your body for some insulation. The excellent temperature control means you can comfortably use these sheets during any season or in any climate. Bamboo-derived fabrics are also superb at wicking moisture from your body, which may be important to people who sweat a lot.

You can choose between seven sizes, and each set includes a flat and fitted sheet. The queen, king, California king, and split King sets come with two pillowcases, while the other sizes come with just one. You can machine wash the sheets in cold water and tumble dry on medium heat.

The best affordable sheet sets deliver the same comfort, durability, and performance as their more expensive counterparts, albeit at a much more affordable price. The Brooklinen Classic Core Sheet Set is a prime example. The sheets and pillowcases in this collection are composed of durable long-staple cotton in a crisp percale weave that will gradually soften over time.

The sheets are made from 100% bamboo-derived viscose in a sateen weave, which gives them a cool and silky-soft feel. Bamboo-derived materials are also moisture-wicking, making the sheets a great choice for sleepers living in warm or humid climates. The sateen weave allows the sheets to drape closely to the body while soothing sensitive skin.

Cooling is a major strength of these bedding items, which are made from a blend of cotton and viscose derived from bamboo. Both materials are highly breathable and the latter has moisture-wicking properties to keep you dry on hot and humid nights. Our team also enjoyed the silky-smooth feel of these sheets and pillowcases, which comes from a sateen weave.

The set is available in seven sizes. Twin and twin XL sets include the fitted sheet along with a single pillowcase and a flat sheet. Larger sizes add a second pillowcase into the mix, and the split king size for couples with adjustable beds also features another fitted sheet. You can also choose from white, khaki, or silver color palettes for the set. Each item is fully machine-washable for quick and easy care. Wash the sheets and pillowcases in cool to warm water, then tumble dry on a low setting or hang them to dry.

The cotton version of the Nectar Sheet Set is composed of 100% long-staple cotton in a twill weave. Cotton is known for its natural breathability, so these sheets should not trap excessive heat. Long-staple cotton is a variety prized for durability, so we recommend these sheets for shoppers seeking quality bedding. The sateen sheets are made with a polyester blend fabric that feels cool and silky to the touch, while draping close to the body for gentle insulation.

The sheet set is available in one color option, white, and six standard sizes. All sheet sets include a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and two pillowcases. Each fitted sheet has a pocket depth of 14 inches, which fits most standard mattresses. If you have a pillow-top mattress you may need a fitted sheet with deeper pockets. The sheets are machine-washable for easy care.

Birch is known for making environmentally conscious sleep products with certification to back up its eco-friendly claims, and the Birch Organic Sheets are no exception. While many cotton sheets tout organic sourcing, these sheets are made of organic cotton with GOTS certification to ensure organic sourcing. The sheets are also Fair Trade-certified to ensure the bedding was manufactured using ethical work practices.

The sheets are composed of 100% cotton in a silky sateen weave with a 320 thread count. Our team noticed a luxuriously smooth feel and attractive, elegant drape. In addition to the luxe appearance, these sheets stay noticeably cool and breathable. Hot sleepers should find them comfortable, as should anyone living in warmer climates.

The following should be considered when shopping for new sheets, especially if you are looking for an affordable set that offers value. These criteria will help you narrow down the available options, rather than basing the selection on price alone. By understanding factors like material, weave, and feel, shoppers can ensure the sheets they purchase are priced fairly and made from high-quality materials.

MaterialSheets are produced with a variety of materials and some are more affordable than others. Synthetic materials like polyester and microfiber, for example, tend to be less expensive than natural materials like cotton, linen, and silk. When considering what material to choose for your sheets, keep breathability, softness, and durability in mind.

WeaveThe pattern in which threads are woven determines the feel and appearance of sheets. Affordable sheets may have a sateen, percale, or twill weave. They may also be knit instead of woven, depending on the material and construction.

FeelAffordable sheets can still feel luxurious, with soft and smooth options available. The feel of the sheets will depend on the material. Microfiber is soft and cozy, while cotton and rayon derived from bamboo sheets are often lightweight and breathable. The feel is also affected by the weave and weight of the sheets.

PriceAvoid simply purchasing the cheapest sheets, as there are plenty of quality options available that are reasonably priced. Spending a little more is a better investment. Durable sheets last longer and need to be replaced less frequently, saving you money in the long run.

Thread CountThread count refers to the number of vertical and horizontal threads found in one square inch of fabric. Affordable sheets can still have a high thread count, but several factors should be kept in mind. Thread count is not the only indicator of quality. Some brands that use thin or multi-ply threads will exaggerate the thread counts of their sheets.

Design, Color, and PatternThere are a variety of options available for affordable sheets, including different colors, finishes, and patterns. Neutral colors are common, but shoppers can also try out different colors and designs without breaking the bank. Sheets can have a matte or shiny finish. Some brands also offer monogramming and other types of embroidery.

BreathabilitySome sheet sets are tightly woven, and synthetic materials may not be as breathable as natural fibers. Look for moisture-wicking sheets that promote airflow to prevent overheating or feeling uncomfortable, especially in warmer climates or if you tend to sleep hot.

DurabilityDurability can be an issue with cheap sheet sets that are not well-made, but there are plenty of affordable options that offer reasonable longevity. Durable sheets wash well, and they resist fading, pilling, and developing rips or tears. Sheets should last at least a couple of years with proper care.

Ease of CareWashing sheets regularly helps prevent the buildup of odors and bacteria. Follow the care instructions provided by the manufacturer to prevent damaging the sheets. Many affordable sheets can be machine washed with cold water and tumble dried with low heat. 041b061a72


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