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The Exchange Sezonul 1 - Episodul 1

She feels forced into bidding for the showpiece of the auction and her bid is bested by Munira. She takes the next one but does not have the money to buy it. Munira drops her home in her own car. We see Munira report at the exchange the next morning. In a male-dominated space, she is a frog out of the well. But she holds her own and does a fantastic job for her boss, Hussain Darwish. She works with him as a clerk. Saud, a connected portfolio manager, approaches Munira in the hallway.

The Exchange Sezonul 1 - Episodul 1

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After being called to the briefing room, the SEALs discovered that their next mission is to transport three Taliban detainees to Afghanistan, where they will exchange them for Army private Lucas Garner, who has been held by the Taliban since deserting his unit in 2014.

While Clay waited to learn his fate, he and Stella went apartment hunting. They make a good couple. A realtor and Stella had an exchange that, while joking, nevertheless made Clay think about the negative impact his job might have on her.

Lisa and Ray shared a concerned look when Sonny said the upside of their mission was the chance Garner and the Taliban prisoners might "accidentally" be killed in the crossfire if the exchange went bad.

Eventually, to satisfy the Drazens, Palmer's death is faked. The Drazens recapture Bauer's daughter Kim and offer to exchange her life for Bauer's. However, Kim escapes and the Drazens soon learn that Palmer is still alive. With time running out on his chance to escape before he is recaptured, in desperation, the freed Victor Drazen tells his mole inside CTU, who is revealed to be Nina Myers, to call Bauer and tell him that his daughter is dead and that the U.S. Coast Guard has found her body. Drazen knows that a grieving Jack will attack him, and he believes he, his son Andre Drazen (the other, Alexis, having been seriously injured earlier by an aide to Sen. Palmer and later dying of his wounds during transportation to the Drazen hideout) and their henchmen can kill Jack. Nina is reluctant, knowing that if Drazen's plan fails, Jack will very quickly learn that Kim is not dead and that, since Nina lied to him, she must be the mole. However Nina does tell this lie to Jack.

Drazen's plot backfires rather spectacularly, as an enraged Jack kills Drazen's son and guards, and in the process corners Victor Drazen before killing him, after both have exchanged fire in a shootout. Afterwards, Jack Bauer speaks with a member of the Coast Guard to arrange to claim his daughter's body. The Coast Guard informs Bauer that they did not find a body that night. Bauer realizes that Nina Myers is the mole. He calls George Mason and tells him to detain Myers, but Myers, who heard that Bauer had survived, was already preparing for exfiltration by erasing all the incriminating information of herself on CTU's computer. Bauer's wife, Teri, is confused about the events surrounding Jack's attempt to rescue their daughter, and looks for Myers, whom she trusts. Teri realizes that Myers is the mole, however, and Myers ties her to a chair. Jack comes to CTU and lets the agents take Myers into custody (as opposed to killing her). He then discovers his wife's body in the chair with a fatal gunshot wound to her abdomen. The season ends with Jack cradling his dead wife in his arms, while he constantly tells her he is sorry.

She says she will, but after he leaves she sneaks out of the car and follows after him. Maddy is too far away to hear the conversation between Kara and Adam, but she does see (and more importantly, takes a picture of) the exchange of the file with the incriminating information.

Full episode guide for Downton Abbey Season 1 Episode 4Socialist chauffeur Tom Branson arrives to Downton. Sybil wears pants. Mrs Hughes has a past. Countess Violet dislikes modern swivel chairs. Longing glances are exchanged between Bates and Anna.

For weeks Dougal continues his routine, using Jamie's scars to garner sympathy, and money, from the MacKenzie tenants. On their travels they encounter a group of men burning a cottar's property and stealing from them, though none of the MacKenzie group intervenes. Murtagh and Ned explain to Claire that it's the Watch, who extort money in exchange for "protection" from the English, but in this case they are doling out justice to redcoat sympathizers.

Box ScoreBy JENNA FRYERAP Sports WriterWINSTON-SALEM, N.C. (AP) - No. 17 Maryland lost the game to end its streak of 14 straight Atlantic Coast Conference wins.Senior guard Steve Blake had to be restrained from going after Wake Forest's Josh Howard after the game and Terrapins coach Gary Williams bitterly complained about the officials following Maryland's 81-72 loss to No. 19 Wake Forest on Wednesday night."I'm not going to talk about it," said Blake, who was called for a technical with 15 seconds to play for jawing on the court.But Williams, who was called for his own technical midway through the second half, had plenty to say, volunteering an exchange he had with a referee he declined to identify."We had a referee tell us he'd see us next week in a threatening manner," Williams said. "I'm a little tired of the rule the ACC has about (not) commenting on officiating and this is the first time I've commented."Williams refused to say which official he was upset with, but Doug Showes called both technicals against Maryland. Asked if he planned to contact ACC officials about the alleged threat, Williams said his complaint would probably not make a difference."I have a hard time getting in contact, you know?" he said. "We're up there in Alaska at Maryland, so sometimes I have trouble."Howard scored 23 points to help Wake Forest snap its seven-game losing streak against Maryland.Wake Forest (11-1, 1-1) was coming off its first loss of the season, 99-78 to No. 1 Duke on Sunday, but bounced right back by beating Maryland for the first time since 1998."I never promised they'd be pretty and this certainly was not, but any time you beat the national champions, I'm proud," Wake Forest coach Skip Prosser said. "And I'm proud that they showed the wherewithal to come back up off the canvas (from the Duke loss)."It was Maryland's first league loss since last Jan. 17, when the Terrapins (9-4, 2-1) lost to Duke. Up next for Maryland? The Blue Devils on Saturday."It's a huge game for us," Blake said. "Another huge game for us and we better be ready."Maryland wasn't ready against Wake Forest, which outrebounded the Terrapins 49-36, and put them in a 17-point hole midway through the second half.Maryland cut it to 73-71 on Tahj Holden's 3-pointer with 2:46 to play and it seemed like the young Demon Deacons were just holding on. With the shot clock winding down, Wake's Taron Downey launched a shot that was wide-left of the basket and gave Maryland a chance to take the lead.But Blake - who turned to his defender after a 3-pointer in the first half and said "I can't miss" - did miss on a 3-point attempt, Wake Forest got the rebound and Vytas Danelius was fouled. He made both free throws to give the Deacons a 75-71 lead.The Deacons sealed it with free throws from there in a tense finish that saw Blake called for a technical and Williams having to be restrained by his staff after the call.Blake also charged at Howard at midcourt while the teams were shaking hands, but anyone who knew what it was about declined to comment."It was just a little words, that's all," Howard said. "We settled it on the court."Prosser said he had no idea what the exchange was about, starting with the technical on Blake that came during a stop in play."I didn't see it, but it was a competitive game, it's a pretty competitive league and I think the one thing that makes this league special is its competitiveness," Prosser said.Danelius finished with 19 points, Eric Williams had 16 and Jamaal Levy added 12 points and 11 rebounds for Wake, which improved to 9-0 at home this season.Blake led Maryland with 15 points and Calvin McCall added 10.The Deacons were without starting guard Justin Gray, who broke his jaw in the loss to Duke and could only sit silently at the end of the bench, his mouth wired shut.It caused a shift in Wake Forest's lineup. Howard had to move from forward to guard to fill in for Gray and Levy came off the bench to start at forward."I think we played hard for Justin," Howard said. "We just went out there and fought hard and I think a lot of us remember when they came out here last year and beat us in the mouth."Print Friendly Version var obj = "start":0,"count":10,"name":"story-template-boilerplate","sport_id":null,"count_breakpoints":null,"css_class":"","pinned_id":"","extra":,"context":null,"dummy":false,"type":"ads","id":"41210335-2b0c-4597-b3d8-32d67c1a980a","data":"location":"id":0,"title":null,"type":null,"effect":null,"fixed_image_sizes":false,"excluded_sport_ids":null,"slick":false,"dfp":false,"sidearm_dfp":false,"common_page":false,"html_template":null,"name":null,"autoplay_speed":0,"accessibility_icons":false,"sizes":null,"slick_options":null,"dfp_sizes":null,"campaigns":[],"content_id":null,"content_title":null,"content_date":null,"content_url":null,"content_image_url":null,"mode":"web"; if (!("sidearmComponents" in window)) window.sidearmComponents = []; window.sidearmComponents.push(obj); Related Story Content var obj = "start":0,"count":10,"name":"story-template-general-1-1","sport_id":null,"count_breakpoints":null,"css_class":"","pinned_id":"","extra":,"context":null,"dummy":false,"type":"ads","id":"a79f2bf7-e0b1-4807-b142-2bc6e6c3d0a2","data":"location":"id":0,"title":null,"type":null,"effect":null,"fixed_image_sizes":false,"excluded_sport_ids":null,"slick":false,"dfp":false,"sidearm_dfp":false,"common_page":false,"html_template":null,"name":null,"autoplay_speed":0,"accessibility_icons":false,"sizes":null,"slick_options":null,"dfp_sizes":null,"campaigns":[],"content_id":null,"content_title":null,"content_date":null,"content_url":null,"content_image_url":null,"mode":"web"; if (!("sidearmComponents" in window)) window.sidearmComponents = []; window.sidearmComponents.push(obj); Story Links Related Videos Now Playing: Play Video 041b061a72


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