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Company Of Heroes Patch 2.700 Crackl

Before downloading Eastern Front, please ensure that you have Company of Heroes patched to 2.700, this is vital as the mod relies on certain features from this latest patch. All future updates will be applied automatically through the Launcher.

Company Of Heroes Patch 2.700 Crackl

According to CD Projekt developers, management was aware that the game was not ready for release but refused to listen to their warnings.[403] The game's launch has been described as "a shambles",[403][411] and the company's stock fell by 9.4%.[412] CD Projekt has also been subject to at least one lawsuit for fraudulent claims made to investors related to the state of the game.[413] In a January 2021 open message outlining the company's plans to patch and improve the game, CD Projekt's co-CEO Marcin Iwiński stated that they had "underestimated the task" of taking a game that was optimized for personal computers to work well on the older consoles, and their testing had not revealed the problems that players had seen on release; he further affirmed it was the management's decision to release the game and not the developers' fault.[414] As CD Projekt began releasing major patches for the game in March 2021, the company stated that in future games, they will avoid announcing any new titles until they are "much closer" to a launch state.[415]


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