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Joshua Gomez
Joshua Gomez

Christie Sweet ~REPACK~

Sweet and Sour Chicken stir fry is a common Chinese takeout dish. Usually it is tender chicken coated in a batter then deep-fried and covered in a sweet, tangy sauce. In the United States and North America, Chinese restaurants love to serve this popular deep-fried chicken for its well known popularity and delicious flavors!

christie sweet

Sweet and sour chicken is sweet and tangy as the name suggests. However, General Tso's chicken is more sweet and less sour and has a darker brown colour thanks to the hoisin. Whereas sweet and sour chicken is red in colour, thanks to the ketchup.

This sweet and sour chicken is honestly AMAZING. We tried the shallow pan fry and I actually love it more than the typical deep fry! The flavor of the sauce is delicious and it was even better the next day. My favorite part was that I didn't need to go to the store to buy canned pineapple, I had everything on hand to make it! Highly recommend this recipe!!

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"Seven Dials" is a stylish, stylized, slightly incomprehensible mystery of manners, a kind of full-course dinner for aristocrats, with naive house parties, secret societies, and a chestnut of a story, clear only to dedicated Christie-philes. And the dessert is a too-rich mixture of sweet layers of Edwardian, Victorian, art deco cake. 041b061a72


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