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Robert Loginov

Buy Fifa 18

Havent played fifa since the 2001 iteration on PS2 but since there is no Pro Evo Soccer I have to buy this. Saw someone at work playing it today and he liked it. Responsive was the word he used and it looks really nice. The price is way too high so maybe wait till the price goes down

buy fifa 18

Download Zip:

This only works if you live in a bubble or a situation where you have no other options but Nintendo. With missing game/online features (In reality FIFA only lasts for me because I can play vs my friends and family online) it is just not the "BEST" fifa available.

Its not a bad game at all but very frustrating at time. I feel the passing and dribbling are very poor. I always find myself losing the ball far to often and a lack of control on the ball makes for easy interceptions. I am a hardcore fifa player previously on Xbox one. Fifa 16 and 17 mostly. Maybe its just getting used to it.

Got my copy of this game a couple hours ago. I'm pleased with it so far. Obviously, It isn't as graphically attractive as the ps4 version but it certainly looks better than the legacy editions on ps3 and xbox360. I would say the graphics are somewhere in between Fifa 16 and 17 on ps4. The gameplay feels like a combination of those two games as well. It's more difficult to score goals than on the ps4 version of fifa18, which makes it feel less arcade-like (pro difficulty and up). I played in portable mode so far and I was quite impressed. It looks detailed, especially when considering it's on handheld. I'll try it docked later on.

@Turbo857 again.... Utter nonsense... Splatoon, Arms both have online play with friends. On other consoles you stay within fifa to do all the invites etc... It's not one of those games where you hit invite friends and it's brings up the dashboard... It's all through EA servers via the game instead.

Both my bros got the switch ver game and feedback was its a really good game. Same with my nephew who got it on ps4 who is hardcore into football/soccer, he told me he never liked the story mode. So i believe the journey is no big loss given that it runs super smooth. I will picking this up. Its great that both fifa and 2k18 came out this has brought alot of discussion.. where we would like as switch owners between optimise fps or graphics and sacrifices in terms of gameplay. Haters gonna keep glad 2k18 doing well on the eshop and i hope fifa does well enough to bring ea and vc to bring more games to the switch.

Im a pes player and have always preferred it over fifa. im buying pes this year also on my pc but ive bought fifa for the switch (on the go had me sold) and so far the game is holding up incredibly well.

I have had many heated discussions on here concerning if switch is a home console or handheld with TV out. Many always argue that it's a home console you can take on the go, play anywhere, even wipe your ass with it, those same ppl are on this article. Well now, these same ppl are saying fifa is a great game for a handheld, why, because it sucks compared to other home console versions, they use portability trump card as a get out of jail free card. If the game had all features like ps4, I guess they would be singing it's praises as a full blown home console version with added bonus of wiping your ass with it anywhere. This scenario will continue with most 3rd party games that are new and not old ports from last gen but when Ninty make a game, it's a home quality console game they scream. It's pathetic really reading their comments contradicting themselves. 3rd party have pretty much exposed the switch as a handheld with TV out, fifa in particular, it will be no different with Doom and wolfenstein, modes missing, lower framerate rate, less resolution, hit on the graphics and whateverelse, cause it's a handheld that's limited, ppl should embrace it for what it is, 041b061a72


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