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Greyson White
Greyson White

Fischer Fs10 Binding Zip

Taylor has produced bindings that have been on the market for more than a decade. This is a very reputable company that has produced bindings for the mainstream industry as well as for skateboarders. Taylor has been the binding that underpins skateboarding for many years and any underground skate shop worth its salt should have a Taylor skateboard binding.

fischer fs10 binding zip

Lauer Louie bindings always seem to be on the cutting edge of innovation, especially as it comes to binding design. Louie is the big name in European skateboard bindings, they've been around for a long time and seem to be the binding of choice for many professional skateboarders. This firm has always produced bindings that work hard and look right. High quality and a solid build.

Volkl bindings have been around for years and are well loved and respected. Their bindings are always reliable and durable. Volkl is a Swiss company and they make bindings that are just as reliable as their American counterparts.

Vert binding is a company that's not well known in the US but has been selling decent quality bindings since the 70's. They manufacture in Italy and it shows. Their metal tang and 1 1/4" vert is rugged and dependable.

K2 was established in 2011 and is a new comer on the skateboard binding market. They have been providing good quality bindings, with well thought out builds, for the past few years. If K2 builds continue as they have been, we should see a big resurgence in the skate industry for K2s.

Volley bindings have been around for years and they make bindings that are just as reliable as their American counterparts. Volley bindings are often quite heavy, but you can tell they're in it for the long haul by the way they are built.


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