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House Party.torrent

House Party (1990) is a movie I recently watched again for the first time in a long time on Netflix. The storyline focuses on a group of best friends in high school that plan on throwing a house party. They will need to thwart some school bullies, parents and other challenges if they hope to throw a legendary process and attract the hunnies...This movie is directed by Reginald Hudlin (Boomerang) and stars Christopher Reid (Class Act), Christopher Martin (Class Act), Martin Lawrence (Bad Boys), Tisha Campbell (Martin), Robin Harris (Bebe's Kids) and Clifton Powell (Rush Hour).The soundtrack, attire, slang and circumstances in this are legendary. The cast delivers awesome performances. Martin Lawrence was hilarious in this and I also loved the guy with the bullies that had the crazy voice. The high school conversations and circumstances were fun and Robin Harris was excellent as the father. The magic of the storyline and characters creates a high rewatch value in an Animal House kind of way.Overall this is an iconic movie that is an absolute must see. I would score this an 8/10 and strongly recommend it.

House Party.torrent


Young Kid has been invited to a party at his friend Play's house. But after a fight at school, Kid's father grounds him. None the less, Kid sneaks out when his father falls asleep. But Kid doesn't know that three of the thugs at school have decided to give him a lesson in behaviour...

and that's the other hilarious part of the movie. there are lots of people in rich houses that have nothing better to do than to watch tv or go to the mall and buy stuff. so the brat kids decide to "borrow" the tv set so they can show the dog to an admiring crowd. it's a perfect joke because none of the people watching the show are likely to recognize or care about a stray dog running around and getting picked up by a bunch of brat kids. chillar party has some laugh-out-loud moments in the scenes where the kids are disguising themselves. there's one guy, for example, who is trying to look like a worker from the electric company. he knocks on the door and says "can i please check your electrical outlets?" the woman inside opens the door and they have a nice conversation about the electrical outlets. then, the woman goes and changes her light bulb to a blue one and starts gushing about how her "beautiful" light bulb is her favorite one. "of course," the worker says, "i can see that this is just a blue light bulb. you must have changed your light bulbs sometime recently. i always recommend changing your light bulbs to a color that matches the other bulbs in the house. why not change the other light bulbs to a white light bulb too? then your house will be the perfect match." the woman agrees to do this, so the worker walks off.chillar party is a movie featuring a bunch of kids, who leave no stone unturned to rescue a stray dog from getting killed by the authorities. the film features the love and affection displayed by the kids towards an animal as well as their unity to fight for a right a cause that we adults hardly possess nowadays. 6a6f617c0c

"I couldn't sleep for three nights, I couldn't talk," she told RSF. "The trolls posted my phone number, the address of my house online. If this is the depth of their hatred, what will stop them from coming into my house as a mob and kill me?"

At a little village (Ozumba) near the base of Popocatapetl, where we purposed to commence the ascent, we procured guides and two pack mules with forage for our horses. High up on the mountain there was a deserted house of one room, called the Vaqueria, which had been occupied years before by men in charge of cattle ranging on the mountain. The pasturage up there was very fine when we saw it, and there were still some cattle, descendants of the former domestic herd, which had now become wild. It was possible to go on horseback as far as the Vaqueria, though the road was somewhat hazardous in places. Sometimes it was very narrow with a yawning precipice on one side, hundreds of feet down to a roaring mountain torrent below, and almost perpendicular walls on the other side. At one of these places one of our mules loaded with two sacks of barley, one on each side, the two about as big as he was, struck his load against the mountain-side and was precipitated to the bottom. The descent was steep but not perpendicular. The mule rolled over and over until the bottom was reached, and we supposed of course the poor animal was dashed to pieces. What was our surprise, not long after we had gone into bivouac, to see the lost mule, cargo and owner coming up the ascent. The load had protected the animal from serious injury; and his owner had gone after him and found a way back to the path leading up to the hut where we were to stay.

Soon after the capture of the City of Mexico an armistice had been agreed to, designating the limits beyond which troops of the respective armies were not to go during its continuance. Our party knew nothing about these limits. As we approached Cuantla bugles sounded the assembly, and soldiers rushed from the guard-house in the edge of the town towards us. Our party halted, and I tied a white pocket handkerchief to a stick and, using it as a flag of truce, proceeded on to the town. Captains Sibley and Porter followed a few hundred yards behind. I was detained at the guard-house until a messenger could be dispatched to the quarters of the commanding general, who authorized that I should be conducted to him. I had been with the general but a few minutes when the two officers following announced themselves. The Mexican general reminded us that it was a violation of the truce for us to be there. However, as we had no special authority from our own commanding general, and as we knew nothing about the terms of the truce, we were permitted to occupy a vacant house outside the guard for the night, with the promise of a guide to put us on the road to Cuernavaca the next morning.

Cuernavaca is a town west of Guantla. The country through which we passed, between these two towns, is tropical in climate and productions and rich in scenery. At one point, about half-way between the two places, the road goes over a low pass in the mountains in which there is a very quaint old town, the inhabitants of which at that day were nearly all full-blooded Indians. Very few of them even spoke Spanish. The houses were built of stone and generally only one story high. The streets were narrow, and had probably been paved before Cortez visited the country. They had not been graded, but the paving had been done on the natural surface. We had with us one vehicle, a cart, which was probably the first wheeled vehicle that had ever passed through that town.

ALASKA OF RUPAUL'S DRAG RACE You know how we roll in the ATX. Don't let her hang out too much with our Austin crew, or this RuPaul season 5 finalist might end up some Baked Alaska. Sun., Sept. 22. Castro's Warehouse, 213 W. Fourth. Free.

Vaclav Havel, the former Czech president, and Desmond Tutu, the 1984 Nobel Peace prize winner, writing in a British newspaper on Sunday, became the latest to urge Beijing to free him from jail and his wife from house arrest.

One last amazing statistics from that IFS source; in the 1980s it took some 3 years for an aspiring house buyer to save for a deposit. For these millennials it is likely to take 18 years. This degree of inequity is deeply painful and unsustainable. 041b061a72


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