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Joshua Gomez
Joshua Gomez

Bon Jovi - Always

I think it's about finding your soul mate at a very young age but due to whatever reasons he ended the relationship. But no matter who you both love again in life this person will always have your heart, your soul, the air you breathe.its like I love you for the rest of my life and Beyond. Purest of love that can never be found again, brought or sold. Every second of your life this person breathes with you and your heart is forever broken

Bon Jovi - Always

I don't think its necessarily that the guy cheated.He was madly in love with a girl, and somewhere along the lines the relationship just didn't work out, ending with the girl leaving him.And although their relationship is now over, the guy still loves her.I had a great romance once, but we just had too many differences for it to work out. I could never ever take her back because I know those differences will always be there. But I still love her and always will.And I think that is what this song is about. So many guys (and girls) have been in the same boat, which is why I think people can relate to this song so much.

It's about great, maddening love. Even if it's about stalking, it's not violent, it's love... Watch the video too, ain't it about love?And it also makes me think of God. He will also love us always, no matter what crazy things we do. 041b061a72


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