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Top Gear (UK) - Season 9

Top Gear America was first launched in 2010, and out of all the Top Gear disambiguation, it was probably the second most popular variant after the British series. The original hosts were good too, with Tanner Foust, Adam Ferrara, and Rutledge Wood. That aired for six seasons, ending in 2016 due to conflicts.

Top Gear (UK) - Season 9

This is a tad unfair to Dax Shepard who is fairy known as he has starred in a few films. But will gearheads recognize him as one of them? Then you have actor/comedian Rob Corddry who has starred in a few American TV shows. He's a bit unknown too. Finally, you have Jethro Bovingdon who has starred in Motor Trend pieces before. He's a racing driver, and he only has thirty thousand Instagram followers.

Top Gear America on History was initially awesome as it starred friendly gearheads such as Rutledge Wood. The 2017-2020 Top Gear on Motor Trend also failed due to Covid, and it was pretty boring anyway. If the new Top Gear America wants to be the one that really succeeds, then it has to really stand out.

We live in a world where if we want to see a car review we watch Doug DeMuro. If we want to see a rant on new cars, we watch Scotty Kilmer. If we want to see a crazy build then we watch Vehicle Virgins or The StradMan. All of these are on YouTube, which is easily accessible for us gearheads. We have everything we need, so why do we need more?

Top Gear is a popular US automobile-related series adapted from an eponymous BBC series. It has been on the air since 2010, with the current eighth season having premiered on April 26, 2016. Top Gear is presented by actor and comedian Adam Ferrara, pro racer Tanner Foust, auto and racing analyst Rutledge Wood and an anonymous racing driver. The series is produced by BBC Worldwide Productions with Patrick Costello, Nat Grouille, Travis Shakespeare, Russ McCarroll and Jim Pasquarella serving as the executive producers.

In the beginning of the series' run its format closely followed that of the original British show. The secret race car driver tested cars, and celebrity guests were invited to drive vehicles, participated in challenges and gave interviews. Unlike the British version, the American series then incorporated a segment related to automobile customization and restoration, due to the fact that there is great interest in this matter in the USA. Starting with season 3 this element became the main focus of the show.

Top Gear has earned a 5.1/10 IMDb score indicating mixed reviews, and has originally premiered to 1.9 million viewers. The current season opened to 1.076 million viewers with a 0.4 rating in the 18-49 demo. While the ratings are not as high as they were in the beginning, the show has a stable fan base that is not giving up on the show. We may very well see another season of the popular series, so please stay tuned for the relevant news.

UPDATED June 30, 2016: The spin-off of the UK Top Gear series, which was, up until the current season, a truly cult program, but is experiencing serious ratings issues in its revamped version, Top Gear USA has also been struggling this season. As a result, History made a decision not to commission the series for a ninth season. The series creators' have expressed their gratitude to the network, and are currently looking for another channel to partner with and continue their commitment to the Top Gear format. Sign up for our automatic updates and see how the story develops.

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