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TrueMana Founder

Energy Coach and Human Potentialist


Before settling down in magical Kenya, I lived in Accra, Gibraltar, Hawai’i, New York, Singapore and London.

When I moved to Hawai’i for college in 1994, I gained more than a university education. The Mana, or ‘spiritual energy’ of the Pacific islands, coupled with their spectacular nature and the ‘Aloha’ spirit of the people awakened something deep within me. This is where my journey with energy really began.

My friends, there is something that powers our physical body called our lifeforce energy, and we need to feed this energy daily because it is the true essence of life that keeps us alive and animates us, it is who we really are.

And ancient cultures have always embraced the concept of lifeforce energy as part of daily life, the Polynesians refer to it as Mana, the Native Americans have many names for the spirit and in the Far East we also call lifeforce energy prana, shakti, chi, ki and other names. Unfortunately, in western culture, which most of us have been conditioned by, the existence of our energetic being and lifeforce energy is not commonly recognized, Doctors do not incorporate it into their practice of health and modern medicine, Teachers don’t incorporate it in teaching science and arts and parents focus more on physical and mental wellbeing and not energetic health, we don’t talk to children about energetic bodies and things they cannot see.

As a result, we have suppressed our energetic bodies, and because we cannot see them, we have become conditioned that the world outside that we can see carries more weight than your energetic world inside that we don’t quite understand. But still, we all have this connection, no matter what, nobody is left out, every single one of us is an energetic being and has this connection, whether you have forgotten about it or whether it has been conditioned out of you. You just need to learn how to actively connect back with it.

I have nurtured the seeds of Mana that were planted in me and for over 20 years I have invested in learning, applying and teaching practices in energy, creation and manifestation. As a Reiki Master, in order to apply these energy practices at a greater scale I completed an MBA at INSEAD where I focused on Leadership and Emotional Intelligence, Organizational Behaviour and Social Psychology of Management. This training enabled me to apply these tools in the workplace to inspire people and teams to elevated potentials. I have consciously applied the energetics of Manifestation and Success across a diverse career in fashion, investment banking, biotech, agribusiness and most recently in venture capital and private equity where have invested in, turned around and grown over 50 family businesses.

Applying Mana’s creative tools and practices enable me to foster the most abundant and transformative impacts on people, relationships and businesses. As an Energy Coach and Human Potentialist, I use energetic tools, teachings and practices, to help people get ‘unstuck’ in their lives and to help them reconnect and awaken their true inner potential and authentic expression and discover the best versions of themselves. 

I am truly grateful that you are exploring TrueMana. As a first of its kind offering in Africa, our knowledge and teaching platform aspires to guide people towards greater consciousness, purpose and freedom in their lives. Please let us know how we can help you or partner together to make a greater impact. I sincerely believe we can share and learn from one another and support people and communities to rise beyond their limitations by empowering personal transformation around Mind, Body, Spirit and Work.


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