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Transition to working for yourself in alignment with your values, needs and abilities.

How long have you been thinking of starting something on your own or working for yourself?

Is there work that really energizes you that you would prefer to be working on already? Maybe you are looking for flexibility so that you can spend more time with your family and friends?

I’m Rishi Khubchandani, founder of TrueMana and I get it, I believe that people like you have more capabilities of working for themselves than they have realized and I would like nothing more than to help you figure this all out in less than three weeks. That’s why I have developed the WorkFreedom coaching programme to help you gain the clarity and confidence to finally make the commitment to working for yourself.

If you really want to find a way to work for yourself, you honestly cannot think your way out of this, you have to take action. WorkFreedom will get you to take action and coach you to start moving forward. Once you start moving forward it stops being this big overwhelming mystery. As you work with our process your fears will subside and your confidence will grow as you realize that you know a lot more than you are giving yourself credit for right now.

As an immersive coaching programme, you will participate in teams with other people who want the same change as you, who want to finally figure out how to work for themselves. That is going to accelerate your growth, you’re going to get support and accountability from them and when you get stuck, your team will know what you’re going through and they’re going to help you get unstuck quickly.

When you want to make a big change, like finally figuring out how to work for yourself there’s never going to be a perfect time or perfect circumstances. WorkFreedom will help you make best use of what you already have right now and start spending more time doing things that energize you. Follow where you get your energy from, you will work passionately at these things, you will find meaning and purpose in the work that you do, you will show up excited to make a difference and that is what will make the difference that leads to success and a better life experience.

Workfreedom is a 3 day course held over two weeks, 3 hours each session (including breaks)

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